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Why get your render cleaned?

Although being low maintenance, render can last even longer if properly cared for. Render cleaning can completely transform the look of your home or any building. Over the years, buildings are exposed to a variety of elements all day, every day. This can cause a great deal of dirt build-up and decrease not only the look of your home but also the value!

Many homes have to render surface, and this easily picks up dirt. Years of grime can also cause discolouration. Fortunately, with the right people, the right equipment, and the right methods, a good, clean result is easily achievable. At Bristol render cleaning, we provide it with all!

Bristol roof cleaners use a variety of specialised tools and equipment to not only thoroughly remove dirt and algae but also clean hard-to-reach areas.

It’s important to hire professionals to clean your render as low pressure washing along with the correct blend of chemicals is required, in order to clean the render rather than damage it.

Render cleaning is cost-effective and far cheaper than having to get your building painted or re-rendered.

In order to preserve the colour of your render, it’s wise to get it cleaned regularly. Algae, lichen, moss, and other stains will easily build up and ruin the entire look of your property. Pollution will also affect render. At Bristol render cleaning we use environmentally safe methods that not only efficiently clean but also preserve the life of the render.

North-facing walls with render are much more susceptible to algae growth. Lack of sunlight along with it being damper and cooler is it’s the perfect place for organic matter to grow. Even relatively new render can be cleaned and treated every so often to prevent yearly build-up of dirt and grime.

If you own a commercial building with render, it reflects the quality of your business. Having it cleaned will increase kerb appeal, making your business more attractive to customers.

Why not just paint it?
Although painting render is an option, it’s better to get it cleaned first at least. Painting is a much more expensive and temporary fix to dirty render. But, of course, after your render is cleaned, having it painted is completely possible.

After having their buildings restored through Bristol render cleaning, so many customers are overwhelmed with the results and opt for getting it done regularly. Each time it is done after the first clean, it is far quicker and easier.

How do we clean render?
We begin with treating the render. We then gently and thoroughly soft-wash the walls to ensure all stains are removed. We use light-steaming methods to effectively get rid of dirt and grime. Our render treatments will last months and prevent future regrowth. It’s so important to ensure you hire the right people for the job who know about the many different types of render, as using the wrong methods and treatments will cause costly damage.

Our roof cleaning company is based in Bristol since 2010. With a team of experienced contractors, we have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable roof and render cleaning services.


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